Umaria Safari Camp Kanha, Kanha National Park in MP

Nestled on the edge of the magnificent Kanha National Park in MP, Umaria Safari Camp Kanha offers a truly immersive wilderness experience. Combining luxurious tent accommodations, thrilling safaris, and impeccable hospitality, this is an adventure far beyond the ordinary.
Umaria Safari Camp creates an intimate and inviting atmosphere for wildlife lovers. Each spacious tent boasts large bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms with double vanities, and cozy showers, blurring the lines between nature and comfort.
Kanha, renowned for its majestic tigers, is an explorer's dream. Embark on jeep safaris into the core and buffer zones, guided by experienced naturalists who unlock the park's secrets. Spot leopards, sloth bears, jackals, and a rich variety of bird life as you traverse the park's lush landscapes.
Whether you're a seasoned wildlife enthusiast or a first-time adventurer, Umaria Safari Camp is your gateway to the wonders of Kanha National Park.