The “Medical Device Batteries: Focus on Implants and Wearable Medical Devices – Market =Roots

Key Inclusions
 An overview of the current market landscape of medical device batteries, along with information on key product specifications, such as battery chemistry (lithium based, zinc air based, silver oxide based, alkaline based, nickel based and hydrogen gas based), voltage (less than 3V, 3V to 6V, more than 6V), capacity (less than 600 mAh, 600 mAh to 1200 mAh, more than 1200 mAh), weight (less than 5 g, 5 g to 10 g, 10.1 g to 15 g, 15.1 g to 20 g, more than 20 g), type of device (wearable and implantable), rechargeability (rechargeable and non-rechargeable), life span (short shelf life, medium shelf life and long shelf life) and application (hearing aids, patient monitoring devices, drug delivery devices, cardiovascular devices, diagnostic devices, , neuromodulators, ocular devices and others). It also includes details of companies developing medical device batteries, along with information on year of establishment, company size, location of headquarters and highlights the leading developers, in terms of number of offerings).
 A competitiveness analysis of medical device batteries based on various relevant parameters, namely supplier power (based on the experience / expertise of the developer) and key product specifications (battery chemistry, voltage, capacity, weight, type of device, rechargeability, life span and application).
 Elaborate profiles of prominent players engaged in the development of medical device batteries, featuring a brief overview of the company, its financial information (if available), information on its product portfolio, recent developments and an informed future outlook.

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