The “Antibody Contract Manufacturing Market, 2020-2030: RootsAnalysis:

Key Inclusions
 A detailed review of the overall landscape of companies, offering contract services for the manufacturing of antibodies, along with information on year of establishment, company size, scale of operation (preclinical, clinical and commercial), location of headquarters, number of manufacturing facilities and location of these facilities, type of antibody manufactured (monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies and polyclonal antibodies), type of expression systems used (mammalian, microbial and others), fill / finish operations and affiliations to regulatory agencies.
 A competitiveness analysis of key players engaged in this domain, featuring an assessment based on their supplier strength (related to the experience of a contract manufacturer), and service strength (which takes into account the size of service portfolio and scale of operation).
 A benchmark analysis, highlighting the key focus areas of small, mid-sized and large companies, comparing their existing capabilities within and beyond their respective (geography-based) peer groups.
 An analysis of the various partnerships pertaining to contract manufacturing of antibodies, which have been established since 2013, based on several parameters, such as the year of agreement, type of partnership, project scale and focus therapeutic area.
 An analysis of the various expansion initiatives undertaken by service providers, in order to augment their respective antibody manufacturing capabilities, over the period 2017-2019 (till October), taking into consideration parameters, such as year of expansion, type of expansion (capacity expansion, facility expansion and new facility), type of antibodies manufactured and location of manufacturing facility.

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