Tag: Camphor Harmony

Divine Power of Camphor – Pure Camphor

The specialty of the Hare Krishna Camphor is when it diffuses, releases fumes that proves it's crystal pureness to take you to divine positivity. Get the Camphor from Hare Krishna... Read More

Camphor for Positive Aura – Pure Camphor

Water is considered as the best source for energy flow. You should mix crushed camphor in bathing water to clean all the negative energy present in your aura. For better... Read More

Make Your Aura Positive – Pure Camphor

The quality of Hare Krishna Camphor is as specific as it is easy to burn, neutralizes the negative energy around you. Maintain harmony in the surroundings and bring positivity to... Read More

The Super Healing Power of Camphor

The super healing power of camphor nurtures relaxation. It function by numbing sensory disorder to curtail the intensity of chronic anxiety and stress. Be stress free with Hare Krishna Camphor... Read More

Good Vibes of Hare Krishna Camphor

The strong fragrance of “Hare Krishna Camphor” is loaded with healing properties also brings prosperity and wealth to you. It helps in releasing the blocks and thus helps in financial... Read More

Camphor for Good Health – Pure Camphor

Hare Krishna Store has brought specific Camphor that makes you and your surroundings healthy with specific properties like antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. Bring your good health today to your home... Read More