– Shivling stolen from Bilaspur-Gateshwar Nath temple, police engaged in investigation.

A case of theft of Shivalinga has come to light from Gateshwar Nath temple located in Okhar village of Bilaspur district. Last night, unknown thieves stole the white marble Shivalinga located near the Gatwa pond of the village. The thieves who entered the temple by breaking the lock have stolen the precious idol.
Haven't even touched the donation box. After committing the incident, the unknown thieves escaped. The people of the village came to know about the incident in the morning. After which the matter was informed to the police. The police team is investigating the matter.
According to the information, there is Gatwa pond located inside the settlement in village Okhar of Pachpedi police station area. The Shivalinga of Gateshwar Mahadev situated on the banks of which was stolen by some unknown person along with the white marble Shivalinga situated in the black granite pond. The thieves committed the crime by breaking the lock of the temple. When the villager reached the temple in the morning after taking bath and worshiping, he saw that the Shivalinga above the water reservoir was missing. The villagers informed this to Pachpedi police. After which the police officer reached the spot along with the forensic and dog squad team. At present, the investigation is ongoing.