– Raja come back, slogans raised to save the country

In Kathmandu, Nepal, after one and a half decade, monarchy supporters have started raising slogans of return the king, save the country. It is being said that this campaign has been launched to declare Nepal back as a Hindu nation in the name of monarchy. It is noteworthy that with the end of monarchy and restoration of democracy, Nepal was declared a secular country. Now there are movements to bring monarchy here. Let us tell you here that just a few days ago, supporters of the monarchy had taken to the streets of Kathmandu and raised slogans like the king should come back, save the country. The protesting people allege that all the political parties of the country are corrupt. They are being accused of promoting other religions. It is also being said that this poses a threat to Nepal's identity. In such a situation, these people have raised the demand of handing over the rule to the royal family again and allowing them to decide the rules for the country. There have also been allegations of political corruption worsening the economic condition of the country. It is being told that after the end of monarchy, political parties have increased their closeness with China and China is continuously infiltrating Nepal in the name of investment. China is also responsible for the construction of roads and airports in Nepal. The protesters say that if Nepal drowns in Chinese debt, it will go into the abyss. A large number of conversions took place after the end of the monarchy. Cases of conversion have increased in Nepal.