Plant Genotyping Equipment Market is estimated to be US$ 201.06 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 4.1%

Plant genotyping is the process to determine the difference in the genetic make-up in an individual (Plants). The testing of DNA in plants is an essential process in various fields of agricultural research, including crop trait development and seed quality control. To analyze and compare the plant genetic makeup whether the THCS synthase gene and the CBDA synthase gene is present in a plant. Different combinations of results on the respective tests will indicate the plant type. Additionally, the rise in the demand for the improvement and development in the variety of crops is the propelling factor for the growth of the target market. Moreover, genomics cost-effectiveness is another factor in the growth of the global market. Furthermore, the cost of infrastructure is also high which the hampering factor for the growth of the global market. Nevertheless, growth in emerging economies providing huge scope for market development can create numerous opportunities for the growth of the target market