Oligonucleotide Synthesis, Modification and Purification Services Market

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Key Inclusions
 A detailed review of the current status of the market with respect to oligonucleotide manufacturers focused on research and diagnostic, and therapeutic applications. It features information on the year of establishment, company size, scale of operation (preclinical, clinical, and commercial), location of headquarters, number of manufacturing facilities, along with their locations (country-wise), and regulatory accreditations and certifications received by them, type of oligonucleotide manufactured (antisense oligonucleotides, aptamers, decoys, miRNA, shRNA, siRNA, specialty amidites, and others), type of offering (custom synthesis, modification and purification), type of manufacturing service(s) offered (process development and characterization, method validation and testing, analytical development, sequencing capabilities, stability studies, quality assurance and control, scale-up, fill/finish, downstream processing, regulatory support, data analytics and reporting, and others), type of modification(s) offered (amino modifiers, backbone modifications, fluorescent probes, dyes and quenchers, modified bases, phosphorylation, thiol modifications, and others), type of purification method(s) used (desalting, cartridge purification, HPLC, ion exchange purification, PAGE, and others), and compliance to cGMP standards.

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