NASA chief's statement on China's conspiracy regarding space

According to the report, NASA chief said that China has different intentions. We think that China is running a military program in space. They are hiding this information from the world. China has made extraordinary progress in the field of space, but most of its programs have been confidential, which it does not tell the world about. Both America and China are trying to build a permanent base on the Moon. Under this, in March, Chinese scientists had announced to build a lunar base the size of Disneyland.
Nelson said, we are in a race. Preparing to land on the moon by 2030. We want to reach there soon. Artemis 3 will be launched in September 2026. Actually, America is always worried about the moon. He considers China as his most important rival. But Nelson claims that America is far ahead of China. The NASA chief said that if China starts building its base there first, then it can claim some parts of the moon.
NASA is worried because China has already built its space station in 2022. Has doubled the number of its satellites. Billions of dollars have been invested in four years. The commander of the US Space Force has warned about China's tracking satellites, which can be used to monitor military operations. China is also developing giant spy balloons and hypersonic missiles.