Integration of Data-driven Precision Marketing for Demand Generation

In response to the situation, which is data-powered precision marketing that has been the main reason for the recent changes in what is known as demand generation, the latter is defined as a process of generation of awareness and interest in a certain product or service. In the past, marketers had a passive attitude to attracting clients, they left it to their luck by advertising a product to the broad masses without any chance of targeting, and tried to hit the customers with a large net. However, recently, quite a few companies have started with the needs of the customer. That is when integration of data-driven precision marketing serves the greatest purpose – helping the data to be mined deep so that the targeting is done to a small group of consumers who are identified through an in-depth analysis of huge amounts of data.

1. Why is Data Important in Precision Marketing?

Data-driven Precision marketing, targeted marketing, and 1-to-1 marketing are different terms used to describe almost the same thing: addressing individual customers with specific offers. Their names vary, but the idea is the same.

The data is a priceless gem on the steering wheel and the precision marketing. During the big data era, companies have access to the manager of the kind of records about consumers' behaviors, tastes, and interactions, which are hard to find in any previous era. The use of big data now extends far beyond pure personalization – this data can allow marketers to act with surgical precision.

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