Illegal liquor flowed out of hand pump in Jhansi

Jhansi: In Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, instead of water, illegal liquor kept hidden in drums several feet underground gushed out from a hand pump. Which has been recovered by the police and excise department. This time the police and excise department had to resort to bulldozers for hand pumps of liquor. In this case, the police and excise department team jointly raided the places of illegal liquor in Moth Kotwali area. In this raid, the police destroyed thousands of liters of Mahua Lahan. The police have also arrested two female accused along with illegal liquor and liquor making equipment. The police continued searching for a long time at the hideout of illegal liquor. Despite this, illegal liquor was not visible, when a lot of search was done, drums of liquor were recovered one after another buried in the ground in the nearby fields. During the operation, when the police operated the hand pump, a stream of liquor started coming out from the hand pump instead of water. Within no time, the police took out several hundred liters of illicit liquor from the hand pump. Apart from this, the police also used bulldozers against illegal liquor. 500 liters of illicit liquor has been taken out and seized from several drums kept buried under the ground. Fifth note of musical scale