What problems can our products solve?
Animal identification
Through electronic ear tags, animals can be uniquely identified, which facilitates the management and tracing of various animal information.

Animal tracking
Through electronic ear tags, the location and range of activities of animals can be tracked in real time, so as to better monitor and manage the behavior and health of animals.

Animal health monitoring
Electronic ear tags can be equipped with sensors to monitor the animal's body temperature, heart rate, respiration and other physiological indicators, helping veterinarians and breeders to detect and deal with animal health problems in a timely manner.

Group management
For collectively farmed animals (such as cattle and sheep, etc.), electronic ear tags can help managers perform group management, such as feed control, vaccination records, etc.

Data analysis and decision support
Analysis and mining of data collected by electronic ear tags can help farmers understand animal growth, production efficiency and other information, and then make decisions and improve production management.

Electronic ear tags are complementary and upgraded products of visual ear tags, and are the basis of information intelligence. Many intelligent devices need to complete the automatic identification of information through the marking of electronic ear tags. With the matching management software, the traceability and management of animal safety and animal growth can be achieved, and the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency can be achieved. For more information, please contact us. We will provide professional answers.