Haynes 188 Sheet Suppliers in India

HAYNES 188 Sheets is a cobalt-nickel-chromium-tungsten alloy that may be readily fabricated for aerospace and commercial gas turbine engine applications, including combustion cans, flame holders, liners, transition ducts, and afterburner parts. HAYNES 188 Coils is generally found in hot sections of engines in burner cans, ducting and afterburner components. In recent years, Udimet 188 Coils has been eclipsed by Alloy 230 for many applications due to improved properties. Udimet 188 Plates has good forming characteristics and is capable of being forged, hot worked or cold worked, although it does work-harden very rapidly so frequent intermediate annealing treatments are recommend for complex forming operations. Buy Alloy 188 Plates at reasonable price from us.