gypsum board manufacturing plant

Gypsum Board Manufacturing Plant
Wuxing Providing turnkey gypsum board solutions from plant design to completion. With talented engineers and state-of-the-art equipment, we can help you build your Annual Output 20million (12.5mm) Square Meters gypsum board manufacturing plant.

As a professional building materials equipment manufacturer, Wuxing is committed to providing customers with high-quality, economical, energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment systems and plant construction solutions. At present, we have successfully helped customers in many countries to build several gypsum board production lines, and our products and services have been widely praised by customers.

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Main technical indicators:( based on the board of thickness 12.5mm)

1. Processing speed:40M/min
2. Annual working days 300, 24 hours continue producing
3. Product specification:
Length 2000-3000MM
Width 1200-1220MM
Thickness 7-15MM

4. Power requirement:
Three phrase AC420V, 50Hz
One phrase AC220V,50Hz
This production line is a fully mechanized production line with a total installed capacity of about 1500 KW.

5. Fuel requirement: natural gas, diesel, coal
6. Workshop requirements: 340M length * 50M,had better more than that.
7. Automation degree: operation system adopts PLC program control,fully automated production process, forming – sealing head and stack.