Get to Know about the Farmtrac 6055 hp price in India | TractorKarvan

Title: Get to Know about the Farmtrac 6055 hp price in India | TractorKarvan
The Farmtrac 6055 T20 tractor is a rugged tractor, it can handle agricultural and commercial tasks. It has advanced features, a robust build, and superior performance, the Farmtrac 6055 T20 is a top choice for farmers seeking a reliable and high-performing tractor. The Farmtrac 6055 hp price in India starts from INR 8.73 lakhs to 9.27 lakhs in India.
Farmtrac 6055 T20 tractor the features and specifications are given below-
Engine: The Farmtrac 6055 hp has an effective and powerful engine. It has a 4-cylinder engine with a 1850 RPM maximum power output rating that produces 55 horsepower. Due to its optimum power and torque, this engine is appropriate for heavy-duty tasks.
Transmission: The tractor features a constant mesh gearbox system. It offers 16 forward gears and 4 reverse gears, with an independent clutch for handling implements smoothly. It comes with a side shift position lever, providing more comfort for the operator.
Hydraulics: The hydraulic system on the tractor operates as effectively and efficiently as possible. It can handle and use large instruments and has a 1800 kilogramme lifting capacity maximum. It has a remote valve and an ADDC control to improve the accuracy of the operation.
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