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At Dunes Aviation Academy, we firmly uphold the principle that simulator training is a cornerstone in the comprehensive education of aspiring pilots.
Our dedication to excellence is reflected through our commitment to imparting education using the most advanced training methodologies and technological innovations in aviation.
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Our extensive training methods extends beyond traditional ground classes and in-flight training, incorporating a sophisticated simulator training facility.
Here, students have the unique opportunity to hone their skills on the Redbird FMX full-motion simulator, a leading-edge apparatus designed to mimic the dynamics of flight with unparalleled accuracy.
The FMX simulator is renowned for its ability to provide realistic, hands-on experience, facilitating a deeper understanding of aircraft behavior and flight mechanics.
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This state-of-the-art simulator supports training for both single and multi-engine aircraft, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive training environment.
Our simulator facility is deliberately designed to prepare students for the complexities of real-world flying, enhancing their competence and confidence in handling diverse flying conditions.
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Choose Dunes Aviation Academy for an immersive learning journey, where innovation meets tradition in the pursuit of aviation excellence.
Gujarat Office: C-206, Titanium Square, S.G.Highway, Thaltej, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – 380054.
Bhavnagar Flying Base: Dunes Aviation Academy, Airport, Bhavnagar, Gujarat 364001
Corporate Office: 703, The Umed Heights, 7, Light Industrial Area, CAZRI Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan – 342003.
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Contact No.: +91 97848 80389
Phone Phone : (079)- 46025730, +91 98280 72872, +919157517242
Website : https://www.dunesaviation.in