Organizations, in the process of collating and storing huge volumes of data on digital platforms, end up placing themselves at enormous risk of losing valuable information to cybercriminals. Estimated annual losses attributed to cyberattacks committed globally, amount to over USD 100 billion. The year 2017 witnessed several cyberattacks; notable examples include WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware attacks, Equifax data breach, MongoDB databases leak, Elasticsearch server hack, Cloudbleed security bug, Zomato hack, HBO hack / Game of Thrones leaks, Uber data breach, and Ethereum hack. In fact, upon careful assessment of the gravity of the situation, in today’s world, cybercriminal activity threatens more than just privacy of individuals. Recent occurrences have demonstrated the potential of capable hackers to steal confidential data from large multinational organizations and even cripple established economies of the most secure nation.

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