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A straw pellet machine or mill is a sheet of equipment accustomed to convert ordinary straw wastes into tiny, uniform shaped pellets. Straw wastes are produced during harvest of varied grain crops for example corn, wheat and rice. A great deal of straw waste is generated during harvest especially in america. The U.S alone accounts for a tremendous number of the international production of the above mentioned grain crops. The U.S may be the largest producer of corn crops on earth. The country also produces a lot of wheat and rice also.

So that you can maximize profits and lower waste from agricultural activities, farmers are usually encouraged to make good utilization of the waste that is generated during harvest. For several years, farmers have tried the straw waste that is certainly produced during harvest as animal feeds or perhaps for paper processing. While these are typically good means of working with this harvest waste, they are not the most efficient. Newer methods of processing straw waste are already invested. One of those is pelleting of straw wastes. When a lot of people hear of pellets, they mostly wood pellets. However, Straw pellets are like wood pellets. They bring a fantastic option for wood pellets because they are cheaper and a lot more environmental friendly.

So which are the benefits of straw pellet machine?

1. Straw Pellets Can Be Better Than Raw Straws

Original or raw straw materials are certainly not as useful to farmers as well as the community as straw pellets. It is because, pelletizing straw waste enhances the energy part of the straws. The moisture content of the straws is reduced. By increasing energy content and reducing moisture content, straw pellets can be used for a wide range of tasks and can be stored for extended periods also.

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