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we are cold storage solutions in Tamil Nadu, India – Tan90 Thermal

Tan90 set out to change the way companies approached cold storage solutions with specialised, reasonably priced, and energy efficient thermal management systems... Read More

Precision Thermal Management Using Phase Change Materials (PCM)

Phase Change Material PCM When materials transition from one physical state mostly liquid to another mostly solid they have the capacity to store thermal energy in the form of latent... Read More

Explore Our Thermal Solutions Products – Tan90Thermal

Tan90Thermal provied All segments Thermal Solutions Products like Dairy Ice, Meat, Fish, Pharma, Frozen Food Thermal Solutions Products... Read More

Cold Storage Solutions for Food Industry Products – Tan90thermal

Explore Our Speciality in Phase Change Material PCM based thermal management Food products, which include cooling and temperature control... Read More

Cold Chain Solutions Provider in India – Tan90Thermal

Tan90thermal is Cold Chain Solutions and Heat Management Provider in India with end to end cold chain technology solutions for the food pharmaceutical industries... Read More