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Melasma is a common pigmentation condition that causes blue-gray or dark brown patches on sun-exposed parts of the skin. It can appear as symmetrically dispersed, confluent, punctuate, or reticulate hyperpigmented macules (or as flat patches of freckle-like spots) that serve as distinguishing markers on either side of the face. When it appears on pregnant women, this acquired skin problem is also called chloasma, or mask of pregnancy.

Though it can also affect the neck and forearms, the face is where melasma typically manifests itself. Melasma most frequently affects the forehead, chin, upper lips, cheeks, nasal bridge, and forearms. It's a benign illness that has no connection to underlying illnesses or malfunctioning organs. Nonetheless, many treat brown staining of the skin for cosmetic reasons because it can impact a person's appearance and self-esteem.

Darker skin tones are more common in those with melasma, and women make up 90% of those affected. Asia, Latin America, Northern Africa, and the Middle East are the regions where it is most common. Melasma is more common in people whose skin is sun-exposed and has a brown complexion.