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Mosharraf Karim Biography: Mosharraf Hossain Shamim (conceived 22 August 1971), known by his stage name Mosharraf Karim, is a Bangladeshi entertainer, works both in movies and TV. He started filling in as a theater craftsman in late the 1980s with “Nattokendro”, where he has played lead jobs in numerous well-known theater creations for a very long time persistently. He arose on the TV shows in 1999, with the single-scene TV play Atithi, coordinated by Ferdous Hasan, and rose to popularity for his regular acting and articulations.

Early Life:
Karim was brought into the world by a Bengali family in Khilgaon. He communicated his acting ability created through his initial work in the school theater. He passed optional in 1986. In 1989, Karim took part in a tryout started by Tariq Anam Khan, and out of 1400 members, 25 were chosen and offered the chance to work in the theater. Karim was one of them. Then, at that point, he joined the theater group “Nattokendro” and labored for a very long time ceaselessly. After longer than 10 years in theater, Karim arose on the little screen in 1999, with the single-scene TV play Atithi, coordinated by Ferdous Hasan and broadcasted on Channel I. Mosharraf Karim has been an ordinary on the TV screen since February 2005. Towards the finish of 2005, he out of nowhere changed his name from Mosharraf Hossain to Mosharraf Karim. As per him, the last name, Karim, was taken from his dad’s name.

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