A Trekker's Paradise: Tarsar Marsar Circuit

The Tarsar Marsar Trek is a breathtaking journey through the stunning landscapes of Kashmir, India. This trek offers a unique blend of alpine meadows, dense forests, and serene lakes nestled amidst majestic mountains. Starting from Aru in the Pahalgam region, the trail winds through scenic valleys, passing quaint villages and lush greenery. The highlight of the trek is reaching the twin lakes of Tarsar and Marsar, both pristine and surrounded by snow-capped peaks, offering stunning reflections on calm days.

Tarsar Lake, with its turquoise waters, and Marsar Lake, known for its tranquil ambiance, captivate trekkers with their natural beauty. The trail challenges adventurers with steep ascents, rewarding them with panoramic views and unforgettable experiences in this remote and untouched wilderness.