A Cloud based Augmented Reality platform for everyone

PlugXR is helping industries to drive success. It all started with the ideology to fill the gap between immersive AR apps and their creation. It seemed time-consuming and expensive. This is where PlugXR built a cloud-based AR app creation platform. Backed by a powerful team, we have created industry-based products delivered with comprehensive AR experiences.

PlugXR is a Silicon Valley start-up with over 15K registered users and 30K immersive AR experiences. Intending to expand the real-time experiences, PlugXR is becoming the top-notch company in augmented reality. With the mission to transform this world with imaginative yet real-time experiences, PlugXR strives to create a seamlessly easy to use AR platform for all.

From automobiles to educational institutes, PlugXR endeavors a comprehensive & easy app creation platform.

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