10 Core Elements Of A Quality Management System (QMS)

Core elements of an ISO 9001 quality management system (QMS)
Core elements of an ISO 9001 based QMS cover:

Clause 1-Scope of ISO 9001 Standard
Clause 2 -Normative References
Clause 3-Terms and definitions
Clause 4-Organizational Context
Clause 5-Leadership
Clause 6-Planning
Clause 7-Support
Clause 8-Operation
Clause 9-Performance Evaluation
Clause 10-Improvement
Clause 1 – Scope of ISO 9001 Standard
Indirectly conveys the message why do you need a QMS. It covers if you need to meet customer requirements and statutory/regulatory requirements (related to product) and enhance customer satisfaction, then you need to adopt ISO 9001 based QMS. It also covers any exclusions from clause 8 as long as that exclusion does not impact on your organization’s ability to deliver products that meet customer requirements and statutory/regulatory requirements.

Clause 2 – Normative References
It references ISO 9000:2015, Quality management systems — Fundamentals and vocabulary.
Clause 3 – Terms and definitions
It references ISO 9001:2015.

For more information – https://gojsainc.com/core-elements-of-qms/